Love and Peace!


In my AU, the Sunshine Lovers are a band that have a motto that summarizes their messge - "Love and Peace!" They have a groovy psychedelic sound that ranges from being grandiose and trippy or more upbeat tunes that are fun to dance to. Even though they're a bunch of weirdos that all came from vastly different places, they generally get along greatly with each other and often function as a found-family unit (because found family AUs are my frickin' jam!)

Silly lil' headcanons

they're all gay as hell

Meet the Sunshine Lovers
The main vocalist and the one the ladies can't get enough of - they faint at his glance after all!~ He always appreciates the screams of his "little kittens." - Of course, they don't know that he is actually kind of insecure about himself, hence why he portrays himself the way he does on stage. He can also be a sarcastic little butt, but he doesn't mean harm with it. Also, his pet pandas are drummers. Yes.
W.B. Rose
The other main vocalist, and boy he loves to put on a show! Over-the-top, flamboyant, and dazzling with personality! W.B. Rose is sure to make a memorable prescence on stage and plans absolutely everything out in a very calculated way. He's also sort an overdramatic primma donna and a perfectionist, but a sweetheart to his fellow bandmates.
Prince M
Prince Melon is the charming and friendly prince from the planet Albireo 7. He's also the band's guitarist and occassionally also a vocalist. He wishes to spread the peaceful values of his home planet through song and has travelled throughout the galaxy alongside Really with this mission in mind. He is generally the most approachable member of the band to his very upbeat attitude and extremely caring nature.
A mysterious child from a strange digital world... also the band's adorable little percussionist and visual effects artist thanks to their psychedelic reality-warping abilities. Discovered exploring the real universe by Prince M, they became his little buddy who travelled with him. They're a sweet and gentle child that should be protected at all costs. They also have their beloved pet unicorn that they created by themself.
Ted may be the skeleton of the man he formerly was, but he is still a creative genius. He has always had huge passion for poetry and writing and quite the artistic eye. The band calls him "the man behind the magic" since he is what decided that everybody's sound would work greatly together. He's also great for additional instrumentation, whether it be the piano or his trusty banjo. Also very gentlemanly and appreciates every tiny thing that makes the world wonderful.