Esme's Serotonin Zone


Cookie Run (just the characters, the games became dogshit), Pop'n Music

Avocado x Matcha and the Kiddy & Sunshine Lovers characters are my main special interests right now and that's what you'll see a lot from me. Drawing both of these subject matters fills me with so much serotonin.

other fandoms

Eurovision Song Contest, Mad Rat Dead, Fake Type, Mystery Skulls, The Ghost & Molly McGee, Jellystone, BGDCMC, Bayonetta, Pokemon, Sonic, Puyo Puyo, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Jelly Jamm, ... a whole bunch of cartoons I am way too old to be watching tbh


way way way too much to list, so here are just some absolute favorites at the moment

Purity Ring, Deftones, Gang of Youths, Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins, First Aid Kit, Phantogram, Vashti Bunyan, MIKA, Alvvays, Soccer Mommy, The Flaming Lips, Depeche Mode, The Cure

Game OSTs, and of course, Eurovision songs also clog up my playlists. Maybe I'll make a ESC mini-shrine where I talk about my favorite songs?

other interests

Drawing, scenery, window-shopping, retro aesthetics (mainly 60s-80s), collecting cassettes, sweets, plushies, bad movies, really "neurodivergent" shit like local commercials, closing logos, and lost media, nostalgia.