☆ Do the tealights on your mantle illuminate that summer feeling? ☆彡

★ 8/17/23
Maybe I'll bring back my "Scrunklification of Autism" rant back from the dead, because I'm really not happy aboout how people on twitter and tiktok cutify autism but then treat neurodiveregent adults (especially if they're queer and ESPECIALLY if they're transfem) like shit if they're "cringe' and they're 30...
★ 8/16/23
Sorry I haven't been working on this site much lately, I just got back home from a long vacation and I'm very hyperfocused on art. Anyway, here's a couple of weird dreams I've had in the past few days.

. Fang the Sniper was in an episode of SpongeBob .

. Me and a close friend of mine met LS Mark but it was a Roger Rabbit scenario and Mark was his fucking cartoon sona in a real house
★ 8/10/23

// CW: Marijuana use
Sorry I haven't done anything interesting on my site in a while. I'm currently on vacation in Vermont. It's been a wild time and tomorrow is my last night!
Also I got high as fuck last night. I got edibles in chocolate form and oops I did way too much. Lemme tell yeah, Cocteau Twins songs sound even more amazing while stoned...

★ 7/28/23
"um ackshully there are plenty of proshippers that don't support pedo and incest art"

Then act like that's the case. Don't want your community immediately associated with filth? Purge the filth then. Your apathy is why we hate you. If you're going to let that shit slide in your community, YOU ARE ENDORSING IT. YOU ARE SAYING "YEAH THIS IS FINE."
★ 7/9/23

// CW: Marijuana use
Hiii, I know it's been a while since I've updated my site. I've been busy focusing on my art and I went on vacation to Saratoga Springs (NOT THE FUCKIN' DISNEY THING, THEY ACTUAL HORSE PLACE IN NEW YORK LOL) - it was really fun! Downtown was beautiful! I also went to a nice little lake by the motel I was at and it was AMAZING. If you're ever in the Saratoga area, I highly reccomend taking your swimsuit and going to Moreau Lake State Park! After the lake, I went to SPAC to see Goose. It was my first jam-band experience, and yes, I did some of the wacky tobacky. It was actually in edible form and I learned that even just 10mg are enough to make me as high as a kite, but HOLY SHIT it felt good. Definately wanna try more edibles, especially since now there's a really good shop in my area.

★ 6/28/23

I'm all for nostalgic rainbow OCs, but the current PLUR RAWR XD sparkledog community needs to take a long walk on a short pier. 99% of you fuckers are actual freaks who support some heinous shit.

★ 6/21/23

Holy shit that was an amazing show. Went to MSG for The Cure last night and I had a great time. I was fucking stoked when they played "From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea."

★ 6/19/23

Got inspired to make a personal microblog for rambles and stuff! Uhhh where do I start. Oh, here's a thought I've had. I'm not a fan of the notion that Neocities users shouldn't list their identities/labels and if you do that you're a stinky carrd refugee. I get that DNIs and trigger lists shouldn't be on Neo but uhhhh... sorry, but me being queer and neurodivergent affects pretty much everything for me - I ain't gonna suppress who and what I am on my PERSONAL static site. I am a strong advocate for being as loud and proud as you want. I ain't gonna lick the boots of people who only respect those don't fall in "the norm" if they "don't make it their personality." Let's be real here, if suppression wasn't such an issue in the 90s and 2000s, there would've been more people listing their shit on their sites lmao.

(Note: this isn't applying to anyone uncomfortable with putting that stuff out there to something like a bad living situation - you're fine and I hope you climb outta that)

★ 6/19/23

My mental health has been in the shits lately and I relapsed into some habits I was hoping I annihilated. Oh well, gotta do better. At least I'm going to have an insanely fun night tomorrow - going to NYC to see The Cure at Madison Square Garden (yes, I've heard the horror stories of getting tickets for this tour - my mom was a big enough nut to drive home during her lunch break the moment they became available just to buy them). It's gonna be a good summer of concerts for me. This, then Goose at SPAC (Saratoga Springs) - I got some plans for that one... [holds up gummies], and then back to NYC for First Aid Kit at Radio City Music Hall.

uuUUU on a lighter note, I plan on making a big fat About Me page! I actually might ditch my kins page and merge it into that. It was one of the first pages I coded on Neocities and as pretty as it is, I know I can do better now.

"I have nothing but love
for the places that call me home"

Hiii welcome to the dipshittery zone. This is for more bite-sized rambles that aren't long enough for the journals. This'll be a hodgepodge of rants, silliness, and maybe a photo or a doodle on occassion. I dunno. I was inspired by some other sites that had a smaller blog like this.