Come inside and let's play together!

Hiii! Character HCs! Art! Byeee!

These are characters I very heavily project myself onto and it makes me super comfy!

liddol ones

Really - they/it/she
+ Baby Regressor, 0-2, voluntary + involuntary

+ My highest kin, therefore the character I project onto the most.

+ Due to being virtual, they can change their physical age. Literal babie

+ Usually regresses after a big performance or when they have free time

+ Main caregivers are the other Sunshine Lovers - ESPECIALLY Prince M!! Jeff, Photon, and Alt (both 1.0 and 2.0) also sometimes look after them

+ Has seperation anxiety, will cry if Prince M is away from them for a while.

+ Favorite stuffie is a plush version of their unicorn

+ Nonverbal except for a few words/CGs'names - sometimes calls Melon "Dada," W.B. and/or Ted "Papa," and Wacky "Bwobwo" - sometimes Jeff is called "Unca Jef" (Uncle Jeff - I HC he's W.B.'s brother), Photon is often called "Nana" (due to a HC a Photon being Prince M's mother)

Wacky - he/him
+ Kiddo Dreamer (+ flip, but only for Really), 7-12 (sometimes younger), voluntary

+ VERY SHY ABOUT IT. Does not want his fans knowing lol.

+ Uses age dreaming to calm himself down and to relive his childhood as a smol boye (I HC he's transmasc)

+ Claims he's too independent for a CG... but Prince M, W.B. Rose, Ted=Pete, and Johnny D are caregivers

+ Hoards panda stuffies. Also owns a plush of Purple Panda from Donkey Hodie.

+ Wears baggy, comfy clothes when smol. Sometimes also a panda onesie.

+ Autistic, often tineys up when going through post-meltdown exhaustion (yeah this is projecting hardcore)

+ Orally stims things (LOOK AT HIS DANG LOSE ANIMATION), has stim toys for that

Cookiedroid - she/they
+ Baby/Toddler Dreamer, 1-3, voluntary

+ Much like Really, she can change her physical age

+ Grew very curious about age dreaming after seeing her friends do it

+ Parents/caregivers are my OC Roger and my friend's OC Penelope (they used to be CR OCs but we still love them being Droidy's parents)

+ LOVES SESAME STREET, especially Elmo!

Kiwi Cookie - he/him
+ Baby Regressor, 0-2, mostly voluntary, though can be involuntary under certain circumstances

+ Caregivers are Avocado, Matcha, and Herb - they are his moms and brother in my AU. Also looked after by Rockstar and Mint Choco (his boyfriends when he's not regressed)

+ Semi-verbal, makes lots a baby vroomvroom sounds as vocal stim

+ Has lots of toy vehicles - and yes he owns a town carpet and sleeps in a racecar bed

+ Roll Cake and Dino-Sour also regress and are his playmates


Prince M/Melon - he/they

+ Really's primary caretaker and essentially their adoptive father

+ His species literally has a caregiver instinct - their brains produce way more oxytocin than a human does. This means he can go into a caregiver space that's hard for him to get out of.

+ Of course, he mainly takes care of Really, his pride and joy. He also takes care of Wacky - sometimes babies him a lil' too much and will caregive when he doesn't really need it. He sometimes also babysits other liddol ones!

+ Loves to play his guitar for whoever he's taking care of! It can a silly song to cheer a little one up, or a song from a kiddo show, or a sweet lullaby

+ Very outgoing and fun in general - loves to encourage more timid ones to come out of their shell and play along

W.B. Rose - he/any

+ Another father figure for Really. Also grew a somewhat parenty feeling for Wacky, as he mentored him

+ Calls himself Mama Peahen - it actually started off as a sarcastic name Wacky gave him, but he found it cute!

+ Wasn't really interested in taking care of a little one until he met Wacky and then Really. He showers them with affection in their time of needing it.

+ LOVES LOVES LOVES dressing Really in the cutest outfits he can find for them!! He also loves to dance while holding them or make little crafts (booties, blankies, stuff like that) for them!

+ Takes care of his liddol guys alongside his very beloved skeleton hubby Ted=Pete

Ted=Pete - he/him

+ Wow another one Really's Dad Army.

+ A bit more introverted than Melon and W.B., but W.B. helps him out with that.

+ Likes reading and telling stories (or of course poetry) to Really and Wacky.

+ Overall a lot more of a gentle and relaxed caregiver - he's just got a very cool head in general

+ Feels a bit more comfortable when W.B. is by his side.

Avocado Cookie - she/they

+ BIG LOUD MAMA. Gives the biggest bear hugs imaginable

+ Extremely outgoing and silly, as you can probably guess

+ Will literally make you big versions of baby things if you ask her

+ A mother of three! Herb Cookie, Kiwi Cookie, and my OC Wormseed Cookie!

+ Awesome supportive mom for Kiwi Cookie when he regresses! Also loves looking after his babey friends!

+ Takes care of her little ones alongside her wifey Matcha Cookie

Matcha Cookie - she/her

+ The much more gentle mom compared to Avocado

+ A little loopy and kooky, but... :)

+ Can be a lil' chaotic if you let her

+ Goes into a happy fit of laughter when she sees her big babey Kiwi!