"oh but dear the sky is low...
gather up its harm and gods with grateful arms"

Purity Ring is a synth pop duo from Edmonton, Alberta, known for their ethereal sound. Megan James is the divine voice, while Corin Roddick is the man who makes the magic.

I've been a fan of Purity Ring since 2015, discovering the song Begin Again on Pandora (remember when that was a thing people used?) while listening to CHVRCHES. I was absolute ENTRANCED with their sound. It was unlike anything I've heard at that point. I was in love with the beautiful synths and Megan's angelic voice. I listened to more and more of their work and was just... in love. Here I am, nearly a decade later and they still make some of my favorite songs ever. I've seen them live in New York City 2022 and loved every minute of it (and it was worth the super long wait during the pandemic - they were absolute amazing at making sure they able to keep themselves and their fans safe - hell, Megan wore a mask and still sounded amazing!

My favorite Purity Ring song of all time is "x inovein"


favorite tracks: crawlersout, anemany, obedear... x inovein if we count shrines x

The one that started it all. It has this beautiful dark vibe to it. I once heard someone say it's what witches would listen to at a rave... just amazing mysterious sound with lyrics that are hauntingly great. Probably my favorite album? Either this or Womb.


favorite tracks: begin again, dust hymn, stillness in woe

I'll admit, the weakest of the three main albums. It leans a bit more into the pop side of things, which I know disappointed some people after Shrines. However there are still some amazing iconic tracks with that Purity Ring magic. I really hope if they do an anniversary edition, they put Bitter Rhymes, a lost song, on it.


favorite tracks: stardew, rubyinsides, sinew, vehemence

My comfort album during the pandemic. If there's one word to describe this album, it would be "angelic." It combines the vibes from the previous two albums and I think that's great! I remember when this album was first being hyped up. Man, that was fun...! The first "new" Purity Ring content I followed!


favorite tracks: graves, soshy

It's just an EP, so it's a bunch of b-list songs. Not too crazy about too many of these tracks and it took me a while to warm up to some of them (some of them are just... so un-Purity Ring), but OH man do Graves and Soshy go hard. Hope the next main album keeps those vibes!

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