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Esme Marion

★ Esme/Autumn/Poppy ★

★ 24 ★

★ Timid nature + Quick to Flee ★

★ genderfluid voidpunk lesbian ★

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★ lawn guylander (white) ★

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★ That one Ralts with the glasses ★

I don't know quite who I am

oh but man I am trying

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Just some jaded queer doodler who perpetually lives in the 2000s.

Get cozy and have a look around! This site is perpetually a WIP, but it's my form of self-expression!

Harassment and discourse suck, but I wish to not engage with "pro-shippers" or anything like that. You get off to sick shit, you're a sick person.

I know I update my site too much, I am a perfectionist.


Sidebar shenanigans, AND NOW A GUESTBOOK!!

AgeRe page is in progress!

Shiny new Contacts page!

Ralts v3 active!

site plans

  • AvoMatcha shrine
  • diary/ramble/blog
  • EUROVISION SHRINE! This is an ambituous idea I have where I list my top 3 of every year!
  • Collections page!!!

I have nothing but love for the places that call me home ☆彡