☆ domain of a chaotic guardian angel ☆

☆ who's this fool anwyway?

Esme Marion

★ Esme/Autumn/Poppy ★

★ 23 ★

★ Timid nature + Quick to Flee ★

★ genderfluid voidpunk lesbian ★

★ they/fae//it/glitch ★

★ lawn guylander (white) ★

★ adhd + autism spectrum disorder ★

★ AvoMatcha sovereign ★

★ Sunshine Lovers enjoyer ★

★ That one Ralts with the glasses ★

I don't know quite who I am

oh but man I am trying

Hello, I'm Esme. I'm a dreaded Carrd refugee, but I'm trying my best to remove myself from that sort of thing. Modern internet and mainstream social media just aren't really my thing, despite using both. I'm an old fart, as you saw. My main inspiration for building webpages came from a Pokemon fansite I used to be highly active in (won't name it for personal reasons, if you know, you know). I used to make profile codes there, and those were heavily inspired by tumblr themes.

My main inspiration nowadays is stuff like the old fansites I used to visit, like Chao Island and (RIP), and DeviantART pages before the site became corporate minimalist trash. This site is perpetually a work in progress, but I don't consider that a bad thing! Get cozy and have a look around!

I try my best to make my pages mobile-frendly, but they're mostly made with Firefox in mind

Current Status

8/27/22 - Right now I am working on the Sunshine Lovers fanpage. It's basically its own site tbh.

8/27/22 - Also I going to take a break from working on my site so I can focus on the CRWLW Week event on twitter!

8/28/22 - Still gonna focus on my art, but I finally learned how to properly center shit with flexboxes, so I fixed my spaghetti-code of a profile card

I have nothing but love for the places that call me home ☆彡