Really (Pop'n Music)

They are highest of the high kin for me. Really is just... a character that is me. A nonbinary virtual child that flies between the realms of a bright, colorful virtual and reality. Something about that just screams "that's me." Not to mention they have a colorful bunch of best friends that I personally interept like a found family, much like me and my friends. Their aesthetic is also just exactly what I love too. It's extremely nostalgic to me, being that 2000s revival of the groovy 60s aesthetic (like, that Limited Too and Groovy Girls sort of aesthetic).

Also, my headcanon dynamic between them and Prince M means a lot to me. If you don't know already, I see Prince M as Really's primary adoptive father figure. To me, there's just something sweet about that, and I project a lot of my own emotions onto it. Probably because I am an age regressor and want to feel that sense of security that I imagine Really feels around Prince M (and their other Sunshine pals in general).

Matcha Cookie (Cookie Run)

Kooky, spooky grandma... Matcha is... well, I feel like her since she was placed in the world to be something she isn't and she's bitter about it. She's seen as a failure due to being seen as inept by Dark Enchantress and was blantantly kicked aside for it. God, I feel that so hard... I'm neurodivergent and have very heavily felt her. Luckily, I give her a happy ending where she finds someone who accepts her silly self and loves her unconditionally.

Cookie Run fucking sucks as a source these days. I purely rely on my own AU and headcanons these days.

Cookiedroid (Cookie Run)

A product of capitalistic greed and is widely hated for it. I imagine Cookiedroid absolutely hates being in this position. They live to make a quick buck and then get tossed aside. It's not their fault. Under the corruption lies a cute and innocent robot/virtual kiddo (I HC they're a preteen) who just wants to explore the world and see what it has to offer. They're very innocent and just radiate that vibe. (also yeah, they're basically a more futuristic Really, that's another reason I kin them ;P)

Please do not make "haha Cookiedroid is greedy" jokes to me. It's not their fault Devsisters and Google both suck.

Ralts (Pokemon)

Ralts are a small, docile creature that are very sensitive and empathetic thanks to their incredible psychic powers. Not to mention that it grows up to become someone's guardian angel to the point where it risks its own life for its loved one. There's a reason I use one as my sona. Also the very first thing I've ever kinned.

Sage (Sonic Frontiers)

Yet another virtual child. This time this one is edgy. There something that touched my heart about her. She starts off very cold but then learns about friendship and yadda yadda. Oh, and what she does at the end of the game really got me.

Harriet M. Welch (Harriet the Spy 2021)

I fucking love this obscure cartoon, please check it out. Anyway, Harriet is a rebellious little shit who has to go through the trials of learning to be independant. She also makes some really bad mistakes in her life due to her impulsive nature, misunderstandings, and her broken heart. Something about that really reasonated with me. The second half of the second season of the cartoon REALLY GOT ME, as I very heavily related to Harriet here. Also, the cultural context of the book helps too. A morally flawed young female protagonist was a no-no in the early 60s, and she was that edge we really needed in that department.


Wacky (Pop'n Music), Avocado Cookie (Cookie Run), Half Avocado Cookie (Cookie Run), Mad Rat (Mad Rat Dead), Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic), Peppermint Cookie (Cookie Run)


Hot. D (Pop'n Music), Bello (Jelly Jamm), Sig (Puyo Puyo), Glaceon (Pokemon), Sigilyph (Pokemon), Papyrus (Pop'n Music), Rosalie (Pop'n Music), Betty (Pop'n Music), Bartleby (True and the Rainbow Kingdom)