Esme is my little pride and joy. She started off as just a little Ralts I owned on Pokefarm for my own lil' lore on that site. She started off as just normal Ralts with a purple scarf - there's a stereotype about Pokesonas just being normal-ass Pokemon with scarves and Esme fit that stereotype. Later I gave her custom hair and started showing her eyes - quite unusual for a Ralts. Then I have her an anthro form, which is where the glasses came from (fun fact - Esme wore glasses before I did IRL). It was for a story I had with someone but UUUUuuu let's not talk about that - bad time in my life QuQ !!

This version of Esme started off as a timid 3-year-old child, but after I broke away from her story, I aged her up to around 10-ish and made her personality reflect mine a little more. When my mental health was deep in the shits, she became a metaphor for my problems with emotional stability, but now that I'm medicated and trying to improve myself, she's now just a goofy and smug gremlin. I even brought back her feral design to give her a simple alt-design for extra tiny bastard energy.