What the hell is this, even?

Ever had that one shoebox as a kid? You know, the one full of bottle caps or rocks or seashells? Mine had golf balls from a beach below a golf course.

Here you will find my little treasures - in this case, little niche interests too small for their own shrines.

I got the idea to make this page because I've noticed more and more neruodivergent people worry about their "embarrassing fixations" and then it's something like Sonic or Cookie Run or Bluey. I also don't like when people steal anti-cringe-culture rhetoric to justify abhorrent things, or even just using it as a quirky accessory without the nuance. My flavor of "destroying" cringe culture is being proud of non-mainstream interests - not this "I'm gonna draw scenecore despite being born after its prime and only using it to parade my pro-abuse views" malarkey. I think "cringy" interests that go beyond surface level are fascinating and I want to inspire others to be happy about the things that they like that are generally less "palatable" to Average Neurotypical Joe.